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me neither. By the way, I'm half retarded. Seriously, don't take my gallery seriously! You do, YOUR RUINING MY LIFE! DON'T CLICK THE

Good luck on finding your lego master...


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Dios mio, one week left til romance request? Anyone? Don't be shy! I'll do my best to accept your emm you know. Couple thing.
Everybody, I know this is a bit early but after I'm done rapping up a few request (which is 9 of them but do send me your ideas for a quick heads up for me to work on it), romance request will be open. Like now you can send me your request on that if you want. But if you don't want to take part in the romance request, that's fine. You can send me the usual funny request if you like. You don't have to send me your romance ideas. But DON'T BE SHY, THIS IS THE ONLY TIME I'M GONNA MAKE THESE ROMANCE REQUEST FOR THE YEAR or maybe one more random month just to give damn monsters what you want for the year!

So yeah, kIESS are in I guess, your favorite couple, same gender couple all in. Just do your best to make it interesting and not too simple. I mean I wasn't feeling it last week, a few request were just meh so for those few do a little harder on the ideas.

Also in those 5 weeks I'll be uploading 5 couple poses pack and last year I used a random generator to pick any series and character to romance with. I'm doing it again so hopefully it'll pick something good but you can send me whatever you want me to pair up and have fun.
How many god damn times do I have to say that I don't want any part of drama? So misses Xnaaral and comes to me going all "You're happy he's gone?". Yup! Hell I'm not the only one that wants him out. And yeah I blocked you. I don't want you taking me down to your level of the IQ you have.

What's this? Cry baby attitude? Do you see me crying for "Xnaaral kun" (yeah I'm cringing too for missing some that nobody cares about and saying that term kun)? Eww I don't want you're having. You started at the bottom and it's been downhill ever since.

Holy hell you're starting to sound like Xnaaral.

By the way, you're late on that story. Talk to Hell Xnaaral wanted to harass him, not me so...wait...XNAARAL IS THAT YOU? rositagata is Xnaaral? > : ) Aww I never missed you too! Oh and by the way I've been called worse by better. Better than you. ;)

Now I know why I blocked her, just like Xnaaral does with a bunch of users. That's all she's good for. : /
.........................Everybody's all quiet now. xD
I'm recently seeing a few DA users who port models for xnalara or xps whatever they call it deactivating their accounts. Aww come on!? Can you please don't do that? If you people are going to leave DA, well I wish you good luck in your future but don't take down the account. How are people ever get the links to it in the future? Oh yeah, people will comment "CAN I HAVE THAT MODEL" while I act nice but at the same time I'm annoyed that my stash will get full because it's filled with models that are not reuploaded. You know it's not hard to get that moment of fame you know.

Is this the part where I say Deviantart loves you, but the tone of this will not be emotional but just annoyance because this is happening?
Last year I was drunk because I like jello, there was tequila in there and I didn't see that coming. This year, hopefully back away from that for now and I want to tell you about next year and maybe things I want to improve or how was it and most of you won't care about it or will listen to what I have to say. Here it goes.

I want to start off with how the year 2016 went for me. I'm seeing a lot of people not liking it because their reasons and I do wish them well, but to me it was decent. It wasn't good nor was it bad, aside from the drama I encountered but I'll get to that later. It was okay. I mean c'mon, people! Just think about the positives going on this past year! What's so hard about that? You don't see me going nuts when Trump became president, I just moved on like a normal life I'm living by simply going to Taco Bell. I mean I'm proud I got one of my art to be in a thumbnail from a popular youtuber which is a dream come true, got to experience the core membership, maybe had a few fun moments from the Xbox ones from a friend's house, a 30 gift card I received for a pizza store, got to chat with new people, 100000 pageviews, played Fable 3 to Skyrim and made my wounds better, that's the positives I'm thinking of so far. I'm not saying "I'm better than you my life is better", hey you may never know if 2016 will be like 2017. It's like every year, people will say "this year is crap". Again, find positives and maybe things will get better.

Next I want to talk about is giving Bayonetta a free pass when it comes to the repetitive rule I made. That well it has to go now. Sorry for those who's a fan of her, but don't worry fans of her (it doesn't mean you'll never see her) but I'm glad there's more of her than anything Sonic in my gallery. Is anybody going to get a free pass? No. Sorry.
However, remember to keep up with the rule of DON'T SEND ME THE REPETITIVE CHARACTER OR IDEAS OVER AND OVER. I mean there's a lot of models, just give them more screen time. Please don't abuse this. Don't go all "I want new request, I don't like it", I put time and effort on it. AND...yeah whatever here's the journals just in case.…………………

Oh and those who do plan to send me something repetitive, just give it a break okay? Don't worry, I'll let you know if I have a problem with those request but just remember this rule and a few other journals I made. Okay? Here!

Next I want to talk about is the new rule for things about romance request. I know it going to be free every February, but there will be a high chance for me to do them and a few others I don't seem to do because I likey humor other months than February. The only way to do this is donate NO NOT MONEY points. That's about it. How much. Around 10 should be good. I don't know about each, but I'm still thinking about that rule. I'm not talking about like hanging out and all that stuff, I mean like romance right up there....well unless if it's going to be funny than no points. I don't know. I'm still thinking about this rule.

Oh and yeah that's where I want to talk about the drama and my new years resolutions. That resolution will be this. To stay away from drama, like how it was in 2015 for me, peaceful and fun.
I know the internet is where drama always happens and people will bitch about anything and arguments and "triggered" (what ever happened to the term offended? Come on, knock it off that that new hipster crap) and I want out. I can't help myself when I'm in this situation , but at times I want to prove a point by being I guess a damn school teacher (which I hate school) and want to show a lesson. I want to be happy and so far I am, but I don't want is getting distractions. I want is none of it. I'd rather be bored than just see "Oooh ARGUESMENTS I'M IN I'M IN!". I mean of course I'll have a opinion of it, but maybe it'll be best to keep it silent....for myself..pretend I love zombie games. Is that okay? Of course it isn't but people get the idea, just I don't know whatever happened to the friendly personality trait?

Where to strat? Well how about someone that we're in good sides right now but repeated the same mistake with a fictional character from some fighting game that decided to make her the main character even though she just got here. I was silence from a "disabled comment". When someone silence me, I'll speak loud because that was ruining freedom of speech, I mean all I did was made a humorous comment and now I'm afraid to comment on his stuff now because he'll give me that same behavior again. Then few years later and gets angry because I killed off a few character in a comic where I was playing villain and I don't know if he reads my notes me saying I'll do it for the fun of it. I was my 100000 pageview special, I wanted was fun! I mean when a guy who maybe is a fanboy just goes all "I LOVE HIM/HER, YOU SHOULD DO THE SAME UGH!!" it just ruins it. I don't' want that, I mean now we're on the same good side like before but the 2nd chance is ruined. Now I don't know what to do anymore. Look, I'm sorry if my friend gave you hell, but no. No. Same mistake buddy. Can't repeat it. Please learn it. Thank you. I'm sorry if I have to bring it up but I'm just stating the negatives and letting people know what I don't want to see. Everybody, no fanboying around me. Okay?

Next is a fan who loves Frozen....Ooooo I do hope you'll make me see the good in Frozen but now there's no chance for now. I know there's a Frozen fan out there that doesn't have the same attitude like you know who and maybe gives a little embracing moment to it, but at times it can be hard from people like that fan. He wanted a request but wasn't clear on what he wants because he keeps saying he didn't request that. How many times have we been through this? Be detailed with the request! Than again simple small request with same characters. Hello? Uhh remember the repetitive rule? Give that a break? Oh and then he comes and pretend to like the request with a favorite saying "Don't ask me why I favorite". It's not about the favorite, it's about appreciating my time I made this. You didn't learn your lesson. Comments down saying you don't deserve any and I say they're right! Everybody gets a second chance, they all ruin it. How? And one who like to kill anything that is beautify is Alex Esparza!

Ahh I do have a lot of things to talk about him. Let's start off about how much of a big crybaby he is. I never met the biggest bitch in my life and yup you are one. Treating to people, stalking your ex girlfriend (she doesn't forgive you anymore), playing victim, bounty videos you cheepscake, oh and I do remember you uploading NSFW images of your ex girlfriend on a NSFW website which maybe next time you bring trouble I can share this to the police, doesn't think before he complains (he thinks I never forgive, HA!),oh and you made fun of my friend because of the depression comments he made. Look who's talk, man who says you're lonely and cries about it on whatever social page you use. Oh and you think me and my friends want you dead? Hey, people want you to move on and get over it! I'm not the only one that hates you, look around, you'll be poor on that bounty that you'll live in a cardboard for the rest of your life. You may not be worst than Hitler, but I do with someone can deliver a bag of shit into your home and feel like Hitler. So if you are reading this and maybe want to learn something, get a job and move on. If he's still not listening, well pick up the garbage you dumbass.

Oh and another drama related thing on Facebook, Wade, if you're reading this I'm sorry but I have to get you involved in this. Anybody knows Fay, right? He came to me and said that he lost all respect to a guy who I think blocked him because he doesn't want to see Wade's sent messages. Come on! Don't tell him how to live his life! He has his own thing and I have my own things too. Myself, I won't force people to watch my stuff, I'll let them watch it whenever they're comfortable to. Hell I remember a time where I get so many notes just to join a chat, BUT NO THANKS! At that time I'm either spending my free time or editing so don't invite me over and over. Sorry, but I can be a little annoyed at times so remember that I'll be impatient at times. Come on, Wade! You can't just force people to make them watch your work, me I hate NSFW models but I'll keep telling you to keep up the good work because respect and maybe it will encourage you on the work people will love to see. But what am I going to expect from a guy who was offended from a comment on Facebook that was a humor comment not just from me (it's one of those Happy Birthday comments I sent) but a pizza picture  and then you tagged him and you acted negatively to him...Jezus. Enough! Look I know you had to go through a few people like someone who said you "stold" whatever it is from a model of his and I don't care, both of you just get back to work on whatever you do. It be like "Oh this guy upload SFV Fang model and few days or minutes later that guy too who happens to be a porter AND DRAMA", just get back to work on what you do best that I can't do... Oh and the programmer of XPS and I'm glad that guy is gone because damn he's stupide. Wait let me spell that right, stupid. Please man, don't give crap to people who don't deserve it. If you think they deserve it, fine let people know if this is a real problem. Some of your problems that I'm seeing seems not worth my time. Please man, I'm your friend, but this is making me upset that I don't know if I can keep up with me and you as friends because of the drama going on. Okay? I do hope I don't get a respond like this in 5:53 :

Please don't get sensitive, I'm trying to help because yes.

And another thing, I've haven't seen Sean in a while (dude who ports pretty cool models for XPS) and he's not with us, why? From what I've heard about the blog of his he was giving his thoughts on perverts and got a lot of hate. What the hell is wrong with y'all!? He gave us models and you threw him out because I HATE PERVERTS gets you offended, jeez. Me, I don't care if my watchers or visitors are people who love stuff that sounds cringy or something perverted that I'll never do, but I'll treat them equally. This well...I don't care if he's Kasumi's hGu (that's waifu, I'm gonna start saying that now so get ready for that) but come on, drama like this will lead to other people leaving and I don't want that to happen. I want them to keep up the good work and maybe individuals like him will provide us model that I don't know anybody has ported. So...Yeah I don't understand some of this at all. I mean was he harassing people or was this just some damn kids and their TRIGGEEERRRR crap going on? Wait, because he makes Kasumi innocent but people and DOA's all bikini crap and....*sigh* I don't think anybody will win but can you people see what drama leads up to?

Then I'm seeing someone about getting triggered (THAT TERM AGAIN) because OCs (Honest opinion about them, I don't like them in my work at times because I don't put time to turn it into one model or I'll want the original model but I have to use separate models because giver) and fights there and there GAH HOW DO YOU REACH THESE KIIIIIIIIDS!
Look I'm sorry for those who are looking at this who are friends of mind, but...can we all just do whatever we all have a common on and just enjoy it? Ehh I don't think that's gonna work, but I hope what I said makes you people understand what I'm trying to say. Just everybody shut up and try to enjoy life. That's enough with the drama crap.

Also another problem I maybe like to address is my non request ideas. Why are they getting less love than the requested comics? Is this going to be a thing now? I mean for once I want to do is maybe get a break from requested comics, but damn they're everywhere. Also try to use the models in a good use. I'm sorry, but there will be times that I feel that the request you send me will be repetitive to the point that I'm starting to not like them. I mean is him this and this that, I know you want me to show love to that character but I can't keep this up. How about you people download xnalara and do this yourself. I'm not saying I want to kick you people out, you bring support to my work and thank you all for that. But please don't make this to the same thing or just....does lazily bringing that character that will be predictable on what happens next counts? Also there's somewhat a half of requested ideas than non requested, JEZUS!

Also NO NUDE MODELS! Don't send me those! If they're NSFW, NO! DESCRIPTION, READ IT! I won' do it. I know there will be some NSFW model out there that you want me to use, but I have a friend who can fix that but what if it's not going to stay in DA for long? I'm not going to fix it myself you know. You know by fix, meaning switch the NSFW head to a SFW head and then be okay with it. Me again I'm not going to fix it myself, but it better be my friend's time well spend. And if I do find a single nude model in my folder, I'm gone! Deleting it. Scaryin ya, am I? Tough break, I gotta scare the children at times.

This is things I want to improve next year and maybe you guys can do the same by maybe bringing fresh ideas if you guys have any (again nothing against the rules related), I just be a friendly neighborhood guy, hopefully doing anything that's not stress worthy. For those who did, thank you. Don't worry, I'll let you know if I have a problem with your requests. Well however if you send me points to make that request happen, there's a highly chance that I will do it and by that I mean things that I said I won't do (but not the never ones, I have my limits) well I'll do it because who knows what I will spend on with the points but I'll spend it well. But remember, don't make this too creepy. You know, like giving little boy love...WHAT!? I'm doing my best to avoid what you're saying because someone was already uncomfortable with that so screw it I'll stick to me being my humor like self. And if that person is reading this, good! If now, *sigh* guess I'll send them a link to read for the first time like they don't on the descriptions.

Again, I know the internet will have people arguing the most smallest things like "I'm not gonna let you play my game cube again. > : ( " But just shut theWhy should I say it? Now I think I should change my mind on what I typed here because I'm going to encourage a few to do it anyway and I'll just do nothing and was the both sides lose. Because if that's going on, fine. I'll get the popcorn, still not going to be happy about it.

Whatever, everybody have a happy new year. Have a safe one. I'll keep an eye on the liquor and hopefully be safe too. So let's play uhh music. Here! This is just the beginning. I have another new year special so get ready for that one.
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Lets say that Trumby's power is too much to handle. If you had a choice of either a dino saur or a robot, you're alergic to the dinosaur's metallica coat that he wraps around his tail, which food would you eat before you went into battle against the army 

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I'm just a 22 year old(eww) American man who grows up and someday will be a 12 year old kid again (Why? I miss the old days where parents buy stuff for us...)!
Just trying to spread humor around the web for fun. That's about it....So I'm kind of a Fung Fu master, I'll watch you by just viewing your art, favoriting stuff by downloading it. I'm a rare type of pokemon....or that…

I get my inspiration from Kitty0706, videogamedunkey, Oneyng, Uberhaxornova, Sanity Not Included(Season 1 -3), Nichijou, Eddsworld, old cartoons that were good. and well video games from N64. I watch Comedy Central...So I'm barley racist.

Okay I'm more than weird.....<--- See that right there, it's in Caps so it's important

Oh and there is a reason why I don't give credit to my work most of the time is because it would take forever to do(and that can include the small things). Seriously I've done this before for my Youtube Sims 3 videos because of the required mods you need. Look, for those of you who worked your A double S off for the models, good job and keep up the work. I know it feels lazy, but I'm just showing off my ideas.

That even includes the game companies that made the models in the first place. Glad xnalara is there for us to make our own poses and stuffs!

So enjoy my stuff.

Oh, uhh dead youtube channel if bored or mostly have the Sims 3…

Here's my party thing:…

Oh and wanna be friends on Facebook for a sad waste of time? PM me for the link to my Facebook link and yeah we go all happy and crap.

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Requests: A Gmod death run.…




LucasRex Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Officer look for Agent 47

Officer: Hey you! 

47: Hm! *runs away and he need someone's clothes disguise man or woman. 

Officer: Nice dress disguise ( with clothes woman). or Officer: Nice barcode tatoo (with clothes man) 

maybe can funny? 
JoutaiSasuLover Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
don't know why but I feel kinda annoyed when you always say "funny"...
LucasRex Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why? I'm sorry but i not have ideas.
JoutaiSasuLover Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
it's not about ideas, it's just about vocabulary. ugh, not really an important thing to discuss actually...
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elvenpriest01 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Hi i finally got an good idea so this is how Solid Snake walks and talks with Cereza but all of a sudden Princess Peach appears and Snake got a flashback of Peach in SSBB, and hides behind Cereza and Cereza says:

Cereza: What are you going?
Snake: Hide Bayonetta for that monster!
Cereza: What it's just Peach what's wrong her?
Snake: S-she is a demon, no a succubus.
Cereza: Pardon me?
Snake: That woman is a murder, she kills everyone she see!
Cereza: You mean Super smash bros?
Snake: Yes.
Peach: Hi Bayonetta.
Cereza: Hi Peach, see Snake she not terrible when I and Peach fight each other or together i use Witch Time very effective if you ask me, but she saves me and in return i save her.
Snake Faints.
Cereza: Hmm well shit, Hey Peach would like to meet my family everyone always to want to meet you.
Peach: Oh what a wonderful idea i'm in.

And Peach together with Cereza walks away from Snake lays still where he resides and Foxy or Funtime Foxy walks by Snake and says DED!

And that's the idea. Best regards elvenpriest01.
Eggheadcobra Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Request, if you might?? :D This one's pretty simple.…

From 0:00 to 0:05 but with Overwatch girls again :D

Medic = Mercy
Demoman = D.Va
Heavy = Zarya
The other Medic = Another Mercy


Please? c:
JoutaiSasuLover Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student General Artist
I have 2 requests in a row, but since I already have one request this week so upload one of them this week, another one next week.

1. (This week) Sasuke Uchiha (CS2, in a suit) & Sakura Haruno (in a dress) did this dance pose…

2. (Next week) What would happen if Kitana broke up from Liu Kang, and she decided to find another guy as her new boyfriend (I know you hate Liu Kang 😆 )

JoeyTribbiani125 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist…


The Angry Video Game Hitomi and Momiji reviews the Sega Accessories XD

mavadohelghanmaul Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Request: Kazuya Mishima as Peter Griffin were he tries Red Bull 
JacobTheSpartan Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Any thoughts on The Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Mobile Game?
MichaelJordy Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haven't heard of it really. Also I used to have a mobile device for stuff like this but broke around a month.
JacobTheSpartan Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Ouch, That's bad
MichaelJordy Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Indeed, it was fun while it lasted. Suck that now I'm not going plan getting another one.
JoutaiSasuLover Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Student General Artist
My next request... in case you'll find out that SpongeBob remake is repetitive, here is about Fairly Odd Parents remake...

- Naruto Uzumaki (his hair turned green)
- Kushina Uzumaki
- Minato Namikaze

JoeyTribbiani125 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist…


Nyotengu - Scrat
Lili (Tekken) - Ariscratle (Aristotle parody name)
Naruto and Naruko Clones - Scrat and Scratte people

Nyotengu discovers America after the Downfall of "Scratlantis"  (Of course, Nyotengu is obsessed with Acorns XD)

KishiYamato Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
mavadohelghanmaul Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
Request: Alex Mercer x Mileena 
LarsMasters Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017

Maybe either Zack or Deadpool should fit well on getting wedgie. I'm not sure which one
Eggheadcobra Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017
Ze request time? C8


But with Overwatch girls! : ' D

Feel free to put on any hat or select any setting you want xD

You're the master of OverFortress 2! :u
alienskiller1 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017
Okay, Request:

Make a picture of a couple that everyone is familiar with. Zelda x Link(Hyrule Warriors) A.K.A Zelink.

Think you can handle it?
LucasRex Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist


Saitama meet Heihachi from Tekken vs Akuma from Street Fighter.  He will one punch them and funny XD 
JoeyTribbiani125 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist…


The Angry Video Game Hitomi reviews Paperboy (NES)

KishiYamato Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Pose request: gachimuchi pose
mavadohelghanmaul Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
Request:Mortal kombat, Tekken,RWBY, Star Wars,TF2,Left 4 dead,Prototype,Devil may cry,God of war,Metal gear,Splatterhouse,Gears of war,Half life,Far cry,Dragon ball z,Marvel, and horror characters throw a pool party with Ludacris songs
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